Mr. T, disturbed by what Vince Neil is doing to his kids, and by how bad his music is, is ready to spring into action!

Incensed, T decides that this is no time to be waitin' around for Hannibal to come up with some sissified plan where T doesn't even get to kill anyone.

Listen to T justify his involvement.

In order to build up his strength, T digs into a freshly delivered stash of white gold, Borden 2%, savoring the flavor of an impending pounding of suckas!

But T's milk tastes funny...

But what Mr. T didn't know was that the nefarious Vince Neil had spiked T's milk with a dose of the most potent malt liquor in the land, the only malt liquor endorsed by the credible Billy Dee Williams, and the only malt liquor guaranteed to work every time: Colt .45.

Unfortunately for our hero, the Colt .45 was as good as advertised: It works every time. Although we doubt Billy Dee Williams would have condoned this, it was too late for Mr. T, an inexperienced drinker.

Will T be able to overcome the Colt .45, or will he be slapped with an embarrassing drunk driving offense? Find out as the madness continues!

Mr. T vs. Vince Neil: Stop the Insanity