In the battle for decency and righteousness, there is one man who stands like a rock against the forces of hedonism. That man is known as...


He is challenged in his ways of goodness by the crown princess of glam rock...

Vince Neil

While doing dishes one night at the neighborhood youth center, where all the kids hang out, one young man discusses the happenings of the day with Mr. T.

Curious about this new "rock star" in town, Mr. T decides to cruise by and see what kind of message he's spreading to the kids.

Mr. T soon discovers that he is dealing with none other than the famous ne'er-do-well from Motley Crue: Vince Neil, singing his siren's song of sin.

T decides he needs to get to the bottom of a recent rash of street crime, and he thinks he knows what's behind it...

Hear the forceful words T lays to set this kid straight!

What will Mr. T do to save his kids? Will he throw Billy into a tree? Find out as the compelling saga continues!

Mr. T vs. Vince: Things Turn Ugly