You Know How We Do It...

Smooth Clothes? Tobacco?  GodDAMN!  I think they're listening to Freddie Jackson's "You Are My Lady," or maybe some Barry White.  That's one smoove man.

Special thanks to my man Erock Tarkin in Hotlanta.  For his contribution he wins a bomb ass Official Colt 45 Experience purple smoking jacket, as seen above.

This is another one submitted by fans of this fine website and, a fortiori, this fine malt liquor.  Although not technically as smooth as Erock's submission, it nonetheless says a great deal about Colt 45.

The story behind this photo is as follows:  Apparently, these gentlemen attended an alcoholic variation of a key party.  Instead of trading keys, they traded mystery packages of liquor.  Well, what better gift to give a stranger, possibly a feline with whom you may be getting, shall we say, friendly later on, than Colt 45?  None, obviously.  So our intrepid party-goer purchases a four pack (tallboys no less) to exchange with this potential conquest.  However, when she opens her package and first views her prize she's disappointed.  Well, that ho don't deserve no malt liquor!.  So, at the first opportunity, this right-thinking American overindulges in the Christmas spirit and steals his "gift" back.  The moral of this story?  Malt liquor and theft, brothers in arms.  (Others might argue that the moral is "Malt liquor: you can't give this shit away.")

Tired of snooty restaurants throwing you out when you demand Colt 45?  Here, friends, is how it's properly done.

What homeless man wouldn't be proud to call this home?  

Put an eye on that, street aristocrat...

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