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*actually, not. Mr. T probably has no idea this site exists.

This page is dedicated to the finer things in life, the great pursuits of modern culture. That is to say Mr. T and Malt Liquor. We claim to be always adding things, but the truth is we're really lazy and would rather just come up with good ideas instead of actually doing anything about it. My point is, sooner or later something new will be added, but it'll be when I'm damn good and ready. In the meantime, check out the links that do work and if you don't like it you can send me an e-mail and I'll promptly send you a defensive and vitriolic reply questioning both your intelligence and taste.


Mr. T throws around more 80's glam rockers than VH-1's "Where Are They Now!"

"Whachutalkin'bout T?" The diminutive crime lord gives T the opportunity to break his own record for distance tossing of fools...but can T get his hands on the slippery little loudmouth?  

As far as I know this is the only page on the web dedicated to the most reliable of all malt liquors, Colt .45. It's also the most comprehensive, and has the best collection of pirated (and edited) pictures around.

Possibly the best collection of Mr. T sound bites on on the web today.  I'm not just blowing my own horn here, it boggles the mind. 

A variety show that ran from sometime in the late fifties to the mid-eighties. Mainly it consisted of Frank and Telly "kicking ass," which often included drinking forty or fifty martinis in a sitting. The musical guests were also always a special treat. Check out some special episodes and pictures from the set...

                There's really not much to this page any more, but it does have a nice frame of links to find your way around.

This is the place for the little people to let their voices be heard.  Join the cacophony or just see what everyone else thinks of this nonsense.

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