"What the hell are you looking at?" 

 The immortal first words of Frank, directed at a stagehand, echoed across the airwaves before he knew the Frank and Telly Show was on the air live.  It's just this kind of freewheeling craziness that has made the show such a hit.  With two veterans of Las Vegas hosting, the show has long been a paragon in the entertainment industry.

The only thing that flowed more freely than the tempers on this show were the martinis and malt liquor.  Viewers could learn everything from which presidents' wives the boys had slept with to how to make "The Telly Savalas Breakfast"  (A steak sandwich and a martini).

Commonly, Frank and Telly would show up at the set, start drinking, and then begin filming a few hours later.  The guests and script were always  surprises to them, and this often made for the best entertainment television had ever seen.  Two mean drunks in themselves were entertaining.  Throw in a sacrificial lamb or two (aka "the guests") and the mixture was broadcast dynamite.

As we can see in this clip, already irate with one of the network boys for watering down his martinis with too much vermouth, Frank tries to figure out who to kill for booking Sonny and Cher.

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Always active in politics and never one

to hide his feelings, Frank sets

forth his own theory on one of the

most influential events in American

history on the air one night.


This rare shot is taken from a segment of the show that Telly began doing in the mid-seventies. He called it "Ladies Only." It was, apparently, a smashing success.

A few years later, Telly began to do a segment he called "Telly Vice."  It was, apparently, a smashing success.

Television historians are uncovering more lost footage from this show every day. (Mountains of film are said to be stored somewhere in the basement of the Stardust) Hence, this page is constantly growing. Coming soon are some of the more famous segments (such as Frank and Telly's somewhat politically incorrect "Drinking and Driving Episode,") and "the lost stories," when the show would cut back from commercial too soon and one of the boys would be caught telling the often embarrassing end of a story. Until then, feel the velvet, baby.


When a show spans four decades, you're bound to have numerous special moments, especially with a couple of cats like Frank and Telly. Some of the greatest moments are the "lost stories" that an attentive viewer could just catch the end of...



Frank and Telly are always needing to get things straight.  Some shit in this world's just too weird for these two old-school cats to understand the first time around
The audience was lucky enough to witness one of Frank's marriages on the air.  The microphone picked up some of the happy newlywed's thoughts immediately following the ceremony.

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