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For hundreds of years, adventurous men have been reporting sighting of wondrous and mythical beasts.  The lineage can be traced from the antedeluvian Gilgamesh and Tiamat to the dragons of the Dark Ages and the sea monsters and mermaids of years of the Renaissance.  More modern incarnations are the Sasquatch, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster and even El Chupacabra.  Perhaps the most elusive of these beasts, however, is the wild Colt 45.  This page is dedicated to the oh-so-rare sightings of this evanescent phantom.

If you have caught a fleeting glimpse of Colt 45 in film, TV or print, email it to me so that together we may prove it truly exists.

Sighting Spotted By Comments
The Wonder Years Mr. G Ok, I don't normally watch the Wonder Years, but I was flipping through channels and I saw this:  Ralph Savage, the dorky kid and some tough kid sitting around a camp fire...when the tough kid pulls a tallboy of Colt 45 out of his backpack - it had an old school ring tab no less.  Ok, so technically the can said "Cold 45," but everything else was identical...the colors, the horseshoe, the bucking bronco.  It was  very fulfilling.
They Call Me Sirr ChickNJ I'm not 100% sure, but I THOUGHT that I caught a short glimpse of a 40 (or maybe a quart) of C-45 in a movie called, "They Call Me Sirr." This is the heart-warming, gut-wrenching story of a never-say-die football player named Sirr Parker. Sirr was a down-and-out kid who would not let his poverty-stricken environs deter him from achieving greatness on the football field and in the classroom while taking care of his infant brother, etc. He went on to star at Texas A&M, and then was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1999 or 2000 (obviously, the hardship continued!). I don't think he's on their roster anymore (smart kid!).

Anyway, during one scene where Sirr and his homies are kickin' it in a laundry room or something, a glimpse can be caught just for a split second of what I believe to be a bottle of da C-45! One of his corn-rowed buds is sippin' it and you can barely catch a glimpse of the label.

The Sopranos Mr. G As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I spotted Tony's sister, Janice, lounging in Tony's pad tossing back a tallboy of Colt 45 while watching TV.  This might be Colt 45's big break...
The Sure Thing Michael O'Connor It's a pretty weak movie but there's this one part where Cusack is all sorts of drunk and he staggers back into his hotel room with 3 empty tallboys. He proceeds to smash one of them on his head and then passes out on the bed.
At Close Range Jason
Sean Penn and a friend drink a colt 45. It's about 20-30 minutes into it.
I was drinkin a 40 of c45 when I saw this...coincidence or act of god?


Most people who claim to have seen bigfoot are labeled as cooks, but if you've seen Colt 45, I'll label you a hero.  Hook me up.

Goddamn, I saw some Colt 45!

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