Undeniably, this beverage is the choice of street aristocrats everywhere. These pages contain the most complete compilation of Colt 45 resources on the web. Colt 45; It's Mmmm-mmmm good.  Peruse some of these links to gain a better understanding of this great panacea.

Yeah, as if Billy Dee is surprised.








Billy Dee Williams fervently tries to finish off the forty he just stole from Chewbacca before Chewie can kill him in retaliation.  A touching moment on the silver screen.

Check out my man Spicoli's T-shirt. That's something you just can't buy anymore.

Find out what Jeff says when he cracks open a fresh bottle

Hear Jeff rebuke someone who lips off his forty

Now, take a stroll through

The Colt 45 Museum of Natural History